Sylvie Wittmann Photography


Sylvie Wittmann was born in France and raised in Paris.  She traveled quite early in her life, spending several months in Morocco as a new born. She then studied the Russian language at school and traveled to Russia as a teenager, back in the 70’s. This was the beginning of a long travelling life with a camera in her handbag!

Sylvie attempts to feel and capture the fascinating historical side in buildings and sceneries; a little bit of the soul and charm that people brought to places and the architecture they left behind when they departed.  Every season is a different scene, fascinating, touching, impressing. This is what she tries to share with her pictures: brightness which makes things so impressive and grandiose, or décor and ornaments which makes things so charming.

Another of Sylvie’s passions is also to look at things and the distortion created by natural elements: glass, water, windows…just another way of looking at our usual scenes through external eyes!

Sylvie hopes you will enjoy the atmosphere coming from these photographs and share in the joy she experiences from them.

All photographs in this website are copyrighted original works by Sylvie Wittmann.  Please do not copy, print or distribute any of the photos without Sylvie's permission.